Fashion enters the Metaverse

Fashion enters the Metaverse

What is the metaverse?

In short, it is a virtual world that connects us with a series of devices that allow us to interact with it.

It is not intended to be a fantasy world, but a kind of alternative reality in which we will be able to do the same things we do today outside the home but without leaving the room.

The goal: to create a completely virtual parallel universe, where it is also expected to provide as many opportunities as in the real world in which we live. For this new fictional space, a whole ecosystem of products and services will be created, such as: its own economy, clothing, services, etc. And the most human objective, which stands out from this new world, is that they want to bring people who are physically far away closer together.

Currently we already find fashion companies that are adapting their products to this virtual world, such as Louis Vuitton or Zara. It consists of being able to buy products virtually and through micropayments to dress your avatar with the clothes of these brands.

Zara has released a collection "Lime Glam", this collection wants to reflect the lifestyle of people whose personality is taking shape with simultaneous experiences in the real and virtual world, resulting in a new identity, in addition to wanting to redefine the capacity of expression and language that fashion brings with it, to fit a new era.


As we can see, the theme of the previous collection together with the Asian textile brand "Adererror", has focused on oversized clothing, with coats, jackets and sweaters. Likewise, other products such as sneakers, jeans and other accessories such as beanies, a type of cloth hat, along with scarves, caps and glasses to complete the outfits are also present. In this way, we can see an inclination towards young communities such as the Z generation, betting on neon colors giving a futuristic feel to the products.

KMB is not yet included in the metaverse but who knows if in the future we will bet on this virtual world?


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