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We can't wait to show you our new AW21 collection. Not only because you'll be amazed, but because once they're yours, you won't take them off for the whole season.

KMB always seeks to dress the modern woman, that versatility in our collections to make them suitable for any woman. It is the key, because for us the important thing is you, that you enjoy every step and the comfort we offer with our shoes.

We follow the trends, we create from new trends, even seek to create them, but above all what we pursue is to make you happy at every step, if you, you who are reading us.

Soon you will be able to discover the new AW21 collection, it will be available in our online store to make it easier for you to reach your favorite models.

What have we based this time to create the new collection? Not only do we want to combine style and comfort, but also to be a shoe for your day to day life, a versatile shoe for going to work or having a drink on a Saturday night. That's why you'll find cowboy style boots and trekking style boots.
We want to share with you the whole AW21 collection because you must understand all the work and dedication behind each model.

Thank you always for your trust.