We have been doing what we like the most for more than forty years, creating footwear for women today.

There are already several generations of shoemakers that translate into a company today, with a long history, made up of a solid team of professionals who put all their passion and efforts to make and deliver a product made in Spain that combines quality and comfort.

We identify ourselves by using materials and lasts adapted to different styles that result in latest trend shoes. The versatility of the collections makes them suitable for any type of woman. We not only offer the latest trends, but we also offer the “eternal classics” collection made up of models that, due to their style and versatility, remain faithful to the demand of our customers each season.

We like to create each collection not only according to the trends of each season, but based on our KMB woman and her needs. For this reason, we design footwear prepared for all situations.

They are handmade shoes with equal dedication and love. We think about its function and style.

KMB seeks to dress the woman who lives as she feels.

We have been in the international market for more than 20 years with a more than solid presence in approximately 25 countries between Europe, America and Asia.

We like to create trends and therefore we have a wide range of products every season. Each design has a job and there is always a dedication behind, we are fans of doing things well, and therefore, we work with the best qualities to offer the best service and product to our clients.