How to dress according to your zodiac sign

How to dress according to  your zodiac sign

How to dress according to  your zodiac sign 

The stars reveal aspects of our personality like never before, also in terms of style. Discover how to dress according to your Zodiac sign as well as the spring trend you most identify with according to the dictates of your horoscope.


Ruled by the planet Mars which symbolises action, sexuality and leadership, Aries are impulsive and full of character, so a look that matches their power could be a waistcoat and trouser ensemble, one of the cool trends of the season that aptly projects their strong personality.


Their innate sensuality overflows them, as they are under the influence of Venus, the planet of feminine beauty and relationships. They are attentive, affectionate, but also stubborn, strong and determined. At the same time, they love comfort and earthiness, and they tend to be orderly and patient in choosing their look carefully: their style is sober and elegant, without artifice. 


Being an air sign, the Gemini woman is very sociable and attention-seeking, so when it comes to dress she is often the target of all eyes. Their ability to see things from different perspectives and to quickly find a solution means that when it comes to style, they also know how to adapt and find the right outfit for every occasion.


Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs in the horoscope, and being under the influence of the Moon, which represents emotions and motherhood, this is a woman who likes to take care of others and show that she can handle anything, although she is also shy and finds it difficult to open up emotionally.


According to the stars, Leo is the most dominant sign of the zodiac. The Leo woman is creative, open, ambitious, courageous, strong and independent and knows where she wants to go, and nothing and no one can stop her. However, her biggest sin is that she is somewhat vain and self-centred, hence she loves to shine and be the centre of attention, so a trend that can calm her need for height can be found in dramatic draping.


Perfectionist, discreet and pragmatic above all else, Virgo needs comfortable registers that she can wear elegantly to most settings, so the simple, functional aesthetic of two-piece or knitted ensembles could meet her needs.



Balance personified is concentrated in Libra, ruled by Venus and characterised by the power of negotiation, of the social, and in matters of style, it requires a flirtatious and charming point, something that the mini skirt trend.


Powerful prints, vibrant colours or garments with character are style watchwords that the Scorpio woman will embrace without hesitation, as a sign that is hopelessly attracted to the mysterious and the paranormal.


They are women who are open to experimenting and learning, as they are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of freedom and growth. Confident and restless, their ideal look mixes trendiness with a touch of eccentricism, and fringes, besides being trendy, are a perfect example of how to reconcile both facets.


Disciplined, natural born leaders and perhaps a little controlling, they need the simplest and most effective styles possible in order to be able to focus on what really matters to them, to be ambitious and always go the extra mile. For this reason, the minimalist look composed of classic shirts with dress trousers or smart jeans is probably the style with which they feel most identified.


Under the influence of Saturn (responsibility) and Uranus (genius), Aquarius women are highly creative and free-spirited, sometimes bordering on eccentricity. However, their visionary ideas always put them at the forefront when it comes to influencing those around them.


Extremely receptive and emotional, the most remarkable quality of Pisces women is their high degree of empathy. All this sensitivity makes them spend their time absorbed in their thoughts and allows them to be very creative, so that plaid skirts, loafers, and in short, everything that is likely to be framed within the collegiate aesthetic universe is something with which Pisces will feel like a fish in water. Never better said.

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