4 Wimbledon looks that sum up the summer trends perfectly

4 Wimbledon looks that sum up the summer trends perfectly

We know that the style of the Wimbledon guests is one of the most exquisite and elegant of the summer. And, for that reason, it has become one of our biggest inspirations when it comes to dressing well in the heat. These are the 4 looks that will inspire you in this edition.

What is the tailor of the summer? Alexa Chung has the keys to the ultimate and most elegant model: a three-piece (the waistcoat is essential) and always in white, the most flattering summer colour.



Lingerie dresses have made their way into our wardrobes thanks to the influence of the 90s. It's worth investing in a satin dress that can be worn day or night. Simone Ashley at Wimbledon is the best proof of this.


From leading lady to leading lady, we go with Michelle Dockery, the Downtown Abbey actress. The star of the series wore another of those impeccable outfits that you only see at Wimbledon, a look comprised of oversized trousers and a waistcoat, both in a soft sand colour.


And then we come to our favourite look, the white boho-style dress that Sienna Miller wore: the Englishwoman has shown on more than one occasion that she has mastered the art of dressing for this tennis competition and this year she has once again mastered the style.


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