5 tips to avoid scuff marks from sandals

5 tips to avoid scuff marks from sandals

5 tips to avoid scuff marks from sandals

1. Hello sandals in the right size!

Yes friends, it seems obvious, however, this is the first because it is the most important of all. Why? Because sandals that are too big or too tight are the main reason for chafing and foot pain.

2. Prepare your sandals

There are several tips that involve "better safe than sorry" and walking around in them at home with some thick socks before going out with them to loosen them up a bit will always work.


3. The best-kept secret: balms

For several years now, brands such as Compeed and Senev have been offering protective foot balm sticks. How do they work? Well, it's all in their wax-textured formula, which creates a protective film on the areas of your choice to reduce chafing and the risk of injury.

4. Nivea Cream

We've no doubt you've heard this tip from your grandmother or mother before and, my friend, it works wonders. All you have to do is apply a little bit of this moisturiser to the inner seams and edges as this helps to make the skin softer, more slippery and helps to protect the skin against possible blisters.

5. Moisturising and massage at night

This one will be especially useful when your sandals have an infinite heel and we stole it from the podiatrist to the stars, Bastien Gonzalez. It simply consists of a 20-minute deep massage every night on the soles of your feet to recover the volume that helps cushion the impact of wearing heels.

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