Which KMB model for the protagonists of The bold Type?

Which KMB  model for the  protagonists of The bold Type?

Which KMB  model for the  protagonists of The bold Type?

The Bold Type is a millennial story that manages to resonate perfectly with the younger generations by touching on issues we should all be talking about. Of course, in the midst of lots and lots of fashion.


Our 5 favorite protagonists are Jane, Kat, Sutton, Adena and Jacqueline! According to their personality, style and way of dressing we have selected two models from KMB's summer 2022 season. What do you think of them? 

Jane Sloan

After three years as an assistant, Jane Sloan has recently been promoted to editor of Scarlet magazine. She is a passionate journalist who is determined to make her mark on the world through her articles.

Sutton Brady

Sutton began her career at Scarlet as Lauren Park's assistant for three years, before moving on to become part of the magazine's fashion section, her great passion.

Kat Edison

She is an honest and outspoken young woman who always fights for what she believes in. Kat Edison worked as a waitress at Belle Bar before joining Scarlet's staff, where she worked for two years as an assistant and then took over the publication's social media.


Adena is a photographer who can find beauty in the mundane and enjoys helping others enjoy a moment such as simply stopping and listening to a street musician.

Jaqueline Carlyle

Married to Ian Caryle and mother of two, Jacqueline is the current editor-in-chief of Scarlet magazine. She is a clear, confident and very professional woman who maintains a good relationship with her co-workers. She is always looking for new challenges, while supporting her employees to grow professionally.

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