The perfect combination: how to match blazers and shoes for spring summer 2023

The perfect combination: how to match blazers and shoes for spring summer 2023
Today we want to talk about a garment that can not miss in your closet this season: blazers. But not just any blazer, but how to combine them with our spring summer 2023 shoes.

At KMB, we know that shoes are a fundamental part of any elegant and modern woman's outfit. That's why every season we focus on offering the most current and versatile trends to meet the needs of our customers. And this summer, we couldn't miss the opportunity to talk about the perfect combination between blazers and shoes.

The blazer is a timeless garment that has been a staple in any elegant woman's closet for decades. But this season, the style has evolved and reinvented itself in different colors, textures and styles. From classic black blazers to bolder ones in vibrant hues and floral prints, there is an option for every taste and occasion.

But how can we pair these garments with our spring summer 2023 shoes? At KMB, we love experimenting with different styles and textures to create the perfect look. That's why we give you
Here are some ideas of combinations that will ensure you look chic and fashionable:

Blazer and sandals: a classic and elegant combination that never goes out of style. High-heeled sandals are perfect to wear with a blazer in neutral colors like white, black or beige.

Blazer and ankle boots: This combination is ideal for cooler spring days. Leather or suede ankle boots in earth tones like brown or beige look amazing with a blazer in pastel tones or prints.

Blazer and sneakers: If you are a fan of casual and comfortable style, this option is for you. White sneakers or sneakers in neutral tones are an excellent option to combine with a blazer in bright colors like red, yellow or blue.

Blazer and mules: Mules are a booming trend this season, and combined with a blazer can create a very sophisticated look. Mules in neutral tones like beige or black look great with a printed blazer.

At KMB, we want you to feel confident and radiant with every outfit you wear. So, dare to experiment and create unique combinations with your favorite blazers and shoes. Remember that fashion is a form of expression, and your style is unique!

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