This summer's trends with KMB

What are the trends for this season?

Summer with KMB!

Summer 2022 comes loaded with many new trends, and many others that carry over from past seasons.
Here are our selected outfits for each of these trends, combined with our new Flam model, ideal for any occasion!


Oversized blazers

Perfect garment for the coolest summer nights. Style, comfort, elegance and perfect for all your outfits. If you still don't have yours, you're still on time!


Midi Skirts

Midi skirts, without a doubt, are still on trend for this summer. They started in the summer of 2020 and are coming strong for this summer.
MUST HAVE in your closet!



Total looks or suits are very fashionable. A very elegant, stylish and eye-catching outfit that will attract attention wherever you go!

Maxi dresses

If what you are looking for is a garment that brings you comfort, freshness and delicacy, you need a long dress for this season. It's perfect for a dinner, going to the beach, having a coffee with friends... You will not regret buying it!


Mini dresses

The dress that never goes out of style. When you don't know what to wear, it's always your solution. 

Colorful blouses

 Include bold colors in your garments for a trendy look. If you haven't dared to go colorful yet, summer 2022 is the perfect time! 


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