KMB and Nazareth Foundation join forces in shoe donation campaign for vulnerable children

The company KMB, together with the Nazareth Foundation, has carried out an important shoe donation campaign for children in vulnerable situations during this Christmas season.

The lack of financial means is a problem that affects many families, especially during the coldest months of the year, when spending on clothing and footwear tends to increase. Therefore, the initiative of KMB and Fundación Nazaret has been a way to help these children to face the winter with protected and warm feet.

The campaign has been very well received by the public, who have responded with generosity and solidarity. KMB has donated new shoes to help these children.

The shoes were delivered on Monday, December 19 by the girls of the Marketing Department and the educators will deliver them on Epiphany to give a special day to all children and adolescents.

This initiative of KMB and Fundación Nazaret shows that, although sometimes it seems that big companies only think about their profits, they are also capable of implementing solidarity actions that have a real impact on society.

In addition, this shoe donation campaign for children is a way to raise awareness in society about the importance of solidarity and helping the most vulnerable. Every time we can do a small action of this kind, we are contributing to building a fairer and more equitable world.

In short, the KMB and Fundación Nazaret shoe donation campaign for children is an example of how, with a little effort and willpower, we can make a big difference in other people's lives. We hope that this initiative continues to spread and can help many more children in the future!

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