How do shoes speak about your personality?

How do shoes speak about your personality?

How do shoes speak about your personality?

Shoes are the most symbolic accessory in our wardrobe. Wearing heels or trainers reveals more about you than you think. Today at KMB we want to show you that your shoes speak about you.

What your shoes say about you?

With our clothes and shoes we represent the work of how we are ourselves. Our lifestyle, motivation, identity, personality... fashion is a good way to express how we are, and we each decide how to create the representation of what we want to show of ourselves.

1. Ballerines or flat shoes

Ballerina shoes are an elegant shoe that is reassuringly elegant without being overdone. They leave the top of the foot uncovered and are romantic and comfortable. Women who prefer to wear this type of shoe tend to be in positive harmony with others, confident and cooperative. They show themselves as they are.



2. Heels

Marylin Monroe said: "I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe a lot to them". The passion for high heels even has a specific term: altocalciphilia. Women who never step out of a good heel can be seen as voluptuous but also as greedy.

Heels are a symbol of dominance and power. They make us feel taller and slimmer and increase our self-confidence and self-esteem.


3. Boots

There are shoes in theory created for masculine roles such as military shoes, cowboys or bikers. They project an image of aggressive virility with their thick soles, heavy heels, leather, studs.... These boots represent an armour that creates a barrier between me and the world. Women who like to wear this type of footwear have a strong personality and are usually very determined.


4. Sneakers

The famous sneakers make us feel fast, agile and comfortable. They have become the fetish accessory to combine with any outfit. Women who wear these shoes see themselves as fast, toned, travel-loving and free of constraints.

5. Sandals 

Sandals are often seen as a sublimation of eroticism since the foot appears naked, only covered by straps or laces.  Women wearing all kinds of sandals are perceived as uninhibited, comfortable, cheerful and seductive.

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